NetumScan Document Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: The document scanner received no power supply
Solution 1:
*The high-fidelity instrument for direct USB direct supply, do not need additional power cord can be used!

Question 2: The software opens the display is not the camera of the document scanner.
Solution 2:
*can switch to the machine camera in the camera switching position of the software. Or can directly in the device manager - image device selection to disable the computer camera. General device name shows NetumScan Camera 2.0 or USB Camera 2.0. Specific late modification of the name to the device manager query shall prevail.

Question 3: The software opens when the display does not find the camera
Solution 3:
3.1 *Check whether the cable is plugged in and the host USB interface is working properly, if not, try to replace the USB interface. Still can not check the device manager - image device display status.

3.2 *software installation did not exit the antivirus plug-in interception, can not automatically match to the software inside the run, exit the antivirus reinstallation. {Installation of software will have a custom installation path, the default is the computer C disc, it is best to click in to change to other disks, to prevent insufficient space on the C disc caused by the software can not run properly}.

3.3 *The system is not genuine or some plug-in error, not compatible with the new version of the software, you can try to replace the software version. Tip plug-in NET4.6.0, you can try to uninstall the plug-in inside the settings to mock you to install. If the above attempts can not run normally, ask the customer around whether there are other computers can be tested.

3.4 *Win10 above the system will have camera privileges, you need to check inside the settings to see if the normal open camera privileges, open the software to re-open after the test use.

Question 4: Open the software, the device list is normal, but the preview screen is blank
Solution 4:
4.1 *Unplug and insert the USB cable of the camera, and connect the camera device to the back of the computer host.

4.2 *If you have 360 or other anti-virus security software installed on your computer, you need to open the camera permission on the security software, or exit the security software.

4.3 *Detect and repair your computer's DirectX environment using the DirectX Repair Tool. DirectX:。

(May be the customer's computer interface power supply is insufficient, or did not exit the antivirus software plug-ins are blocked can not open the)

Question 5: The software display stops running
Solution 5:Main reasons:
1. Insufficient computer storage space to run the software.
2. Failure to exit the antivirus installation software, resulting in software attachment interception.
3. The computer's version of the NET plug-in is faulty, uninstall and reinstall the plug-in.
4. The interface can not normally install the driver, you need to replace the interface.

Question 6: The software delay problem
Solution 6:
* the problem of software delay, computer configuration or version is too low, will lead to a delay is obvious, can not be completely avoided.

Question 7: The photo taken by the colour of dark or colour difference is relatively large
Solution 7:
*Document camera to deal with photos there will be a certain chromatic aberration, can not do 100% colour reproduction. You can in the light of a brighter place to shoot, as well as open the fill light to assist in shooting.
*If the light is stronger or darker, you can also find the settings below the picture to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc., open the path as shown in the figure:

【If the exposure is too high or too low you can adjust the exposure according to the following process】

Question 8: OCR recognition garbled
Solution 8:
*The current OCR function of the high-flying camera software is recommended to be used in clear and standardised plain text recognition, recognition rate of about 85%. Patterns, special symbols and other content will reduce the recognition rate.

Question 9: Automatic storage folder selection
Solution 9:
*The new version of the software in the upper right corner of the settings inside the save path, the old version of the software in the parameter settings inside the save path can be selected! Modify the save path to restart the software. As shown in the figure

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