Industry Solutions

Retail & Hospitality

auto-identification and data capturing products are crucial tools. At NetumScan, we understand that customer satisfaction is top priority and our solutions are designed to help retailers speed up check-out, avoid running out of stock, and keep customers happy. Our products include point-of-sale systems, self-checkout tools, price checkers, in-store management software, loyalty applications, e-coupons and e-vouchers, and backroom receiving and inventory management tools.

Transportation & Logistics

For transportation and logistics companies, our scanners and mobile terminals provide real-time reflections of orders in transit, enabling constant connections to warehouse management and logistics information systems. This ensures that deadlines are met and orders are fulfilled. Our solutions include door-to-door service, shipping and tracking for fleet management, put-away and replenishment, receiving, and inventory management.


Manufacturers can also benefit from our high-performance 1D, 2D, high density and DPM scanning solutions. From automobile manufacturing to electronics manufacturing, NetumScan helps manufacturers track parts in real-time, boosting efficiency and reducing human error. Our solutions also include product and component tracking, production inspection, and MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

NetumScan is also a major business partner with top-tier cashless payment platforms, offering unparalleled scanning portfolios specifically designed for mobile and QR payments. Our diverse and cost-effective solutions are ideal for cashless payment scenarios, vending machines, self-checkout, unattended and automated retail, and self-service. Choose NetumScan for your auto-identification and data capturing needs.

Introducing our top-notch product: Professional Image Scanning, designed to deliver exceptional performance and quality. Whether you need to scan photo, graphic artwork, painting album, or any large format document reproductions, this scanner has you covered. It's also perfect for magazine and book collections, offering impressive fast and reliable scanning with unmatched precision.

Image Scanning

Our document cameras are optimized for remote working and learning, boasting full compliance with the USB Video Class standard and high frame rate video streaming capability. You can seamlessly capture, edit, and share content with your team or class, no matter where you are.

In addition, our document cameras have become an essential tool in every classroom, especially with the rise of online learning. This product is designed to meet the unique needs of students, educators, and professionals looking for a reliable, cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality.

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with our Professional Image Scanning. It's compact, intuitive, and easy to use. You'll love its versatility, fast scanning speed, and exceptional image quality. So, give your documents the treatment they deserve and invest in our product today.