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  • Plug and Play: No need to install drivers or go through complex setup processes. This product is designed to easily and quickly connect with your devices.
  • Excellent Compatibility: It can be connected to various computer devices and POS systems, ensuring compatibility regardless of the device you are using.
  • Powerful Decoding Capability: Equipped with a 32-bit CPU, it can scan barcodes quickly and accurately. With a scan speed of up to 200 scans per second, it helps improve work efficiency and reduces scanning errors, allowing you to complete tasks quickly.
  • ersatile Application: This product is not just an ordinary barcode scanner, it also has other practical functions. For example, it supports data transfer through wired connections with other devices, and can recognize multiple types of barcodes, making it suitable for various industries and scenarios.
What level of performance can i expect from 4k color drive?
This tv comes equipped with a 4k color drive, which allows the tv to accurately reproduce a wider spectrum of colors. you’ll experience an exceptionally vibrant, pristine image that makes each scene more lifelike.

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