What should I do if the barcode scanner has light but cannot scan?

Regarding the situation where the barcode scanner cannot scan, cannot scan the barcode, cannot scan the barcode to the computer, etc., follow the steps below to check your scanner to eliminate and find the problem. If you still can't solve your problem, then please contact us.

  1.  The PS/2 barcode scanner is connected to the mouse port;
  2.  The PS/2 barcode scanner is correctly connected to the keyboard port, but the barcode scanner is not connected to the PS/2 keyboard, and the barcode scanner is not adjusted to the mode of not connecting to the PS/2 keyboard;
  3.  The PS/2 barcode scanner is connected to the USB to PS/2 conversion line, but the chip of the conversion line is not good, so the code often cannot be scanned or the wrong code is scanned;
  4.  The cursor is not in the scanning area during scanning, and the computer will occasionally pop up a window to change the position of the cursor during scanning;
  5.  If the input method is not closed when scanning, it may result in failed scanning or incorrect codes;
  6.  If the scanned code system is not turned on, you can turn on all the code system switches;
  7.  The barcode does not meet the specifications, such as the lack of necessary blank areas, the contrast between bars and spaces is too low, and the width and width ratio of bars and spaces is inappropriate;
  8.  The surface of the barcode is covered with transparent material and the reflectivity is too high. Although the barcode can be seen by the eye, the barcode scanner cannot read it;
  9.  The scanned barcode is incomplete or seriously damaged;
  10.  Direct sunlight or too strong light prevents the barcode scanner from scanning;
  11.  There is a problem with the interface transfer. The interface may be broken, or the wire of the barcode scanner may be broken;
  12.  The settings of the wired barcode scanner are messed up. Open the manual of the barcode scanner and scan the factory settings barcode, usually "restore factory settings", "SETALLDEFAULT", "initialization settings", "restore default values", etc.;
  13.  The serial port number and baud rate are not set on the serial port gun;
  14.  When scanning barcodes, the distance is too far or too close, and the angle is too large;
  15.  Very thin barcodes cannot be scanned. Generally, the scanning accuracy of wired barcode scanners is above 5MIL. If your barcode is less than 5MIL, please purchase a 3MIL wired barcode scanner.

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