What should I do if the wireless scanner cannot scan the barcode?

When some friends use wireless scanners, the wireless scanners cannot scan barcodes. What should they do? ? Wireless scanners generally cannot scan barcodes. In addition to the failure of the scanner itself to recognize barcodes, it may also be caused by problems such as its own scanning environment or scanning angle. The editor has summarized a few of them here. Reasons why wireless scanners cannot scan codes and how to solve them

1. The wireless scanner beeps but cannot scan the code. The light of the scanner is on but the code cannot be scanned?
The Xunlei wireless scanner makes a beeping sound when scanning the barcode, but does not upload data. There are two situations:
(1) If the wireless scanner beeps continuously, it means that the scanner is out of power and needs to be recharged. Plug one end of the data cable into the computer and the other end into the scanner for charging. If you need to pay attention here, try to charge it on the computer. Charge on the power bank or plug it into the power strip with a charging head less than 5V. Generally, it can be fully charged in 4-5 hours.

(2) When the wireless scanner makes a beep ~ beep beep sound, with a beep sound first, and then a continuous beep beep sound after a pause of one second, it means that the wireless scanner gun has not been paired yet.
Solution: Take out the manual, scan the wireless pairing barcode, and when you hear the beep beep beep, plug the wireless receiver into the computer (the wireless receiver is usually inserted under the scanner)

2. The recognized barcode has not been opened. For some special barcode scanning networks, the factory setting of the wireless scanner is turned off by default. Therefore, in order to be able to recognize the barcode, you first need to open the barcode type through the setup manual.

3. The scanning distance is too far or too close, exceeding the reading range of the scanner (the reading range of the red light scanner is about 2CM, and the distance of the laser scanner for scanning ordinary barcodes should be between 6-25CM)

4. In strong direct sunlight, the reflected light will also be very strong, causing the photosensitive device to enter the saturation zone.

5. The angle of the wireless scanner is not well controlled, and vertical scanning is wrong. (Because the surface of the barcode will reflect light, the reflected light will illuminate the mirror in the scanner window and interfere with the normal decoding of the barcode scanner. The correct scanning angle should be an angle between the scanner and the barcode).

6. The quality of the barcode itself is ambiguous, for example, there are incomplete blank areas, the contrast between bars and spaces is too low, the width and width ratio of bars and spaces is inappropriate, or the barcode printing is blurry, the barcode is incomplete, etc.

Of course, the above reasons are only suitable for most users to find the cause themselves, so that the problem can be solved from the root.

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